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Past Events 2011-12

Triathlons: Lindsay Webb
Channel Swim
Brighton Marathon
Bupa Great South: Julie Carter
Sponsored walk: Brighton to Newhaven to Brighton!

Brighton Marathons
London Marathons
Get Cropped!
Rosie Pyper Swimathon!

2012 Channel Swim: Louise, Sean, Lou, Kate and Pip

A group of us here at the Sussex Cancer Centre are going to be swimming the channel on July 15th. This is to raise money for important equipment to enhance the care for our patients having treatment with us.
We would like to raise a minimum of £7000 to make this possible.

To raise this money we will be dodging the ferries in the dark whilst fighting off the jellyfish in the freezing cold. Please feel very sorry for us and be generous with your donations. 

2012 Triathlons: Lindsay Webb
Lindsay with her Mum at the 2011 Race for Life just before she became ill again.

I am taking part in 2 Triathlons, in May and June this year, in memory of my lovely mum, who I miss very much.
Mum was first diagnosed with throat cancer in August 2009. She had an intensive course of radiotherapy at the Sussex Cancer Centre, and after a number follow up appointments, biopsies, scans, etc, was given the all clear in 2010.
Sadly during the late summer of 2011 she became unwell again, struggling with breathing and swallowing, and was given a tracheotomy in October. We were also told then that her cancer had returned and was terminal and sadly she passed away just before Christmas.
The care and support my Mum received at the Sussex Cancer centre throughout her illness was exemplary, and the continued support they are giving to my dad in his bereavement is amazing. All of the staff at the centre are so dedicated and caring. For this reason I am very keen to show them my support, by competing in these Triathlons and hopefully raising money for the Centre to continue in their amazing work.
I am hoping to raise around £350, enough to help the centre purchase an additional Nebuliser and a tracheotomy tray, both pieces of equipment, which were essential during my mum's treatment.

2012 Brighton Marathon
Mary Henderson
This is my second Brighton marathon. I ran it last year inspired by watching the inaugural one and also to raise money for Brighton's MOSAIC. I survived and gained a lot from the experience. I'm going to try and do it again but this time for the Sussex Cancer Fund who have helped my brother and three friends of mine. I have been alarmed by the number of cancer cases I've heard about in my local community and think it is in all our interests to support the Fund.

Sarah Thorne
This is my first marathon and I am running it as a personal challenge and it's also a great opportunity to raise some money for a really worthwhile charity.

Philippa Carr
I've run a fair few half marathons in my time but never quite been brave enough to attempt a full one...until now! I decided if I'm going to put myself through the hours of training and the pain of actually running a marathon I should do it for a good cause. I work as a radiographer in the Sussex Cancer Centre and so I see all the great things the Sussex Cancer Fund does to help improve the service to our patients. Hopefully I can put a bit more in the pot!

Dan Smith
I am 20 years old and this will be my first marathon, I am a competitive and determined person and I am running in behalf of my mum who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. I am running just to try and say thank you to the staff members at the cancer centre for all their hard work and care for the patients.

Judy Poulton
Having previously thought that people who run marathons are bonkers, last April I booked myself a place in the 2012 Brighton Marathon. I knew from the start that I would like to raise money for the Sussex Cancer Fund having been successfully treated for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the Sussex Cancer Centre & know first hand how the money is used to make it a friendly & comfortable place for patients.
I was discharged this February & this is my heartfelt thank you!

Jim Dixon
I am running to give something back for the excellent treatment my wife received at the Sussex Cancer Centre for her throat cancer.

Grant Kerwin - Nye
This is my first Brighton Marathon (having done the London Marathon in 2010). Training is going well if a little slow. Aside from the personal endeavour I have decided to use this oppotunity to raise money for the Sussex Cancer Fund.
Two and a half years ago my Father was diagnosed with mouth cancer, his treatment involved many trips to the Sussex Cancer Centre and we as a family were very grateful for the facilities and care that was provided there. Unfortunately he did not survive his illness and passed away in June 2010. Now the raw grieving has passed - though we still miss him dearly, it seems fitting and appropriate to raise money for this cause.

John Sutton
This will be my 2nd marathon. I ran the first Brighton marathon 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. Some friends and relatives have had cancer recently so I want to take this opportunity to help a little.
James Egerton
I will be running the Brighton Marathon 2012 in support of Sussex Cancer Centre at RSCH, which was an amazing support to my mum Tricia during her cancer treatment late 2011. She had the all OK from post treatment MRI this week so to celebrate we hope to buy an infrered thermometer and a porta+neb SideStream nebuliser compressor from this run + add to new Macmillan centre funding.

2012 Viva Aviva!
We are a small local branch of Aviva, based in Brighton and we wanted to put something back into the community. A number of members of staff & families have been affected by this illness, so it is close to our hearts. Having visited the Sussex Cancer Centre and met with Julia Lenton, Fund Manager, we have realised how important any funds raised would be for this much needed centre and planned new centre, which will be The Sussex Macmillan Cancer Support Centre, this will be based across the road from the Sussex Cancer Centre, giving additional support to not only the patients but family, friends and carers from all over Sussex. We hope to raise as much funds as possible to support this much needed cause. 
A big thank you to everyone who will be supporting us.

2012 Bupa Great South: Julie Carter
I have always been an active fund raiser and have completed half marathons, abseils and 3 moonwalks in aid of cancer related charities.
I have not done any fund raising since 2006 as I am living and working in France, although I did compete in a bike race last year as my company Siblu raises money for cancer research.
My reasons for doing the Bupa Great South are because early in 2012 I lost my sister in law to pancreatic cancer and at the same time my step daughter was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer. Rebecca has been receiving treatment at Brighton since April, and I would like to repay their kindness by fund raising to help buy something for the unit, or to make things better for others visiting the cancer centre in the future.

2012 sponsored walk: Brighton to Newhaven to Brighton!
Gary and Colin in partnership with the Zone bar are walking to Newhaven and back to Brighton on Sunday 23rd September 2012 in aid of the Sussex Cancer Fund. The walk will start from outside the Charles St bar in Brighton at 10am and will finish at 3pm at the Zone bar St James's Street Brighton where entertainment will be provided.
Gary, 52, from Brighton has had cancer twice, the 1st time in 2006 and it then returned in 2010, however he is now in remission. Gary also has lost close family members to cancer and Gary now feels its time to try and help The Sussex Cancer Fund which ever way he can and give something back. 
Colin, 43, from Manchester has lived in Brighton a number of years and has helped out at a number of charity events, Colin says 'I was really moved by the work that Sussex Cancer Fund does for the people of Sussex, however did not know that they had no funding and get funds from donations and charity events. I was a publican in Brighton for a few years and look forward to bringing on board my contacts and making as much money for Sussex Cancer Fund as possible'. 

2011 Brighton Marathons:

Matt Reed
The care my Dad received from the staff at the Cancer Unit at the Royal Sussex County Hospital was excellent and both my Mother and I were keen for me to raise money for the unit. Most of you know that I am not much of a runner but have always wanted to run a marathon. Raising money for the Sussex Cancer Fund will provide that extra incentive to help me complete the course!



Lee Taylor
Lee has supported us in the past taking part in sponsored runs since his mother was treated here 16 years ago.



Alex Waterfield
Alex was treated here at the Sussex Cancer Centre last year and is running the marathon to thank us for the care he received.

Sue Beck
Sue is running the Brighton Marathon for us this year for the first time. Sue works for Spofforths Financial Planning who are supporting her challenge and have kindly paid her entry fee. 


Harvey Dyson
Having run his first 26 miles earlier this year, Harvey Dyson is ready to take on the Brighton Marathon to raise money for the Sussex Cancer Fund.

2011 London Marathons:

Jayne White
Having successfully completed last year's Brighton marathon and raising much needed money for the fund, Jayne will be attempting to do even better by running this year's London Marathon.
Once again Stuart & Partners Letting Agents, based in Haywards Heath, are sponsoring Jayne and are helping her to raise funds for this very worthy cause. Stuart & Partners have been connected to this charity since Stuart Cattaneo the founder of Stuart & Partners died of lung cancer four years ago and have been hugely supportive to the Fund.

Anthony Humphries
I am running the 2011 London Marathon on April 17th to raise essential funds for the Sussex Cancer Fund for Treatment and Research. Like most people these days, I know people with cancer, including family and friends, so I understand the importance of charities like this one. Since 1982, the Fund has been giving invaluable assistance to the Sussex Cancer Centre in the form of additional equipment, building improvements and services for the treatment and comfort of cancer patients in Sussex.



2011 Get Cropped! - In aid of Testicular Cancer Awareness!

Sussex Underwater Hockey Club organised a head shaving event in support of one of its members Ollie Feest aged 19.
Ollie, from Worthing has played Underwater Hockey for both Brighton and Southsea and Captained his Portsmouth University team, from where he has currently taken time off to receive his treatment. 
He has been undergoing treatment for Testicular cancer; unfortunately, just recently, he has had to start a course of chemotherapy as his lymphatic system has also become infected!
Ollie and his family expressed a wish to increase awareness among young males aged 15 to 35 who are most at risk via this sponsored event and raise funds for The Sussex Cancer Fund in aid of The Sussex Cancer Centre at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, where he is receiving his treatment. 
The event took place on 17th July at Ollie’s family owned Parklife Cafe, Homefield Park, Newland Road, Worthing, West Sussex.

2011 Rosie Pyper Swimathon!

My Dad, Rollo, has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer. This was a bit of a shock for us all, but luckily he has been well looked after and is going to start treatment next week. To help raise money for the Sussex Cancer Fund I am going to do a sponsored swim.
I am going to swim 30 miles before my 30th birthday in May. This equals 1440 lengths of a 33.3 metre pool, or 47,952 metres so I have a lot of swimming to do!
The Sussex Cancer Fund raises much needed money for the Sussex Cancer Centre at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and all the money you donate will go directly to providing care and support for cancer patients in Sussex and buying much needed equipment.

Vinyl Riff

play fundraising gig for the Sussex Cancer Fund Local band, Vinyl Riff, are putting on a charity gig to raise money for the Fund. It will be held on Friday 29th April, 8pm at the Preston Lawn Tennis Club, on Preston Drove in Brighton, with music from a live band performing songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. 

With tickets at only £5, why don't you come along and have some fun on Royal Wedding day, listen to some great music and raise money at the same time? Thanks very much to the band for arranging this. More information on Vinyl Riff can be found at their


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